7 thoughts on “Gwen cosplay… “The Orville!”

  1. I’m so looking forward to the Orville. The sad thing is, I feel that the Orville is going to be more trek then Star Trek is now days. Discovery has an eh kind of feel to it, being more along the lines of JJ Abram’s line of trek, which is understandable given the Licensing and Bad Robot productions being involved. And as much as I love JJ Abrams Stuff (Fringe, Alias, Almost Human), I don’t think he truly did Trek justice. The Kelvin timeline is interesting, and fun to watch, but doesn’t capture the spark that the Prime Timeline has.

  2. I definitely can see every character in this comic being a bridge crew member on the Orville. Maybe do a bridge pic with everyone at the stations for a Sunday Comic. That’d be cool!

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