Gwen’s mom?

A possible sketch of Gwen’s mom. I’ve always known who she is (a very independent woman and a successful therapist) and what she looks like, but Gwen’s mom just “presented herself” in the sketchbook recently and gave me a bonafide visual. I love it when the characters “reveal” themselves to me in these ways. It’s one of the most fun part of the process. I like her. A LOT. Would you like to meet Gwen’s family? – David

12 thoughts on “Gwen’s mom?

  1. You’ve established the strip now. Solidly. My opinion? You’re long overdue to have a few new and interesting characters wander through and make introductions. And, not to say you haven’t been … just seems there could have been a few more by now.

    So, yes. Gwen’s mom & other family members for any of the cast. Crazy uncles, wise grandmothers … not saying it should be forced. Just seems time that if a few are ready to visit, don’t hold back.

  2. When you see your wife’s mother, that’s what you’ll get in 20 years. This maybe Gwen’s G-mom, but her Mom is much more the sophisticated cougar, style-wise.

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