The Savage Dragon!

Does anyone have any ideas or guesses as to what this might be about in a coming February strip? One of the joys of creating Intelligent Life is that ANYTHING GOES and I get to DRAW ALL THEW THINGS!! A tip o’ the hat to Erik Larsen and one of m y favorite comic books since 1993!

2 thoughts on “The Savage Dragon!

  1. I don’t do superhero comics much anymore, except for the occasional binge. Haven’t been much of a fan of all the corporate hype & rewrites over the past 20+ years or so. Sort’a went manga & anime in protest & because I found a richer culture of engaging and much more diverse stories via those venues.

    HOWEVER … Larsen & Savage Dragon are something I’ve not quite lost touch with (even if I’ve not followed it closely for years) because I love the independent ‘doing his thing’ he’s got going with Image. And, well, the very, very adult themes and hysterical humor he is free to explore by doing so. Plus, Sara/Horridus is Best Waifu, just something so sweet and vulnerable about her.

    I can’t imagine how you’re going to integrate that into Intelligent Life, but I fully endorse the effort! The entire Image universe is vastly underrated and tragically little known in normie space. I’m ashamed of how much of it I’ve never fully explored.

    I wouldn’t have expected it from you, David. Not from how g-rated you pushed Legend of Bill, and now Intelligent Life. I am thrilled and vastly amused to see this post & art show up today. Please, good sir! Carry on. Would love to see as much as you wish to draw & publish.

    • Ah, thank you, 3X! Very much appreciate the fantastic comment. I agree on all fronts. And Erik Larsen has stayed true to his craft and to his vision – Kirby and Ditko would be proud! And thanks again for the good words. Hm… maybe it’s time to step up to at least PG-13! 😀

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