Gwen-Ra: The FULL version!

Just finished up inking and coloring a FULL version of “Gwen-Ra” just for you (and me!) from the 4/13 IL strip. Hope you like it as much as Skip does!

* Might have to make prints out of this one. Would anyone be interested if I sold prints? And if so, what would you like?

– David

4 thoughts on “Gwen-Ra: The FULL version!

  1. I like this. From the desing I’m inferring both Fire and Divine powers (which fits well with the Ra monika; as I’m sure you are already aware, Ra is the Egyptian Sun God, back when we did polytheism).

    Oh, and I remember you saying confirmation of people reading your posts makes you smile. Smile away! I’m a relatively new reader, and lover reading the comments of the webcomic authors I folow, though these days I tend to be content with *just * reading them. 🙂

    • Whoops, that wasn’t clean from spelling errors. *sighs* I’m still getting used to a new keyboard. Design; love; follow.

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