Thoughts… about me and you… Harvey… and things.

I hope you’re enjoying the current Harvey storyline that spawned out of the Maria/Barry storyline. This is a really meaningful storyline to me. There are many truths, some even difficult, from my own life and experience in this and it’s really satisfying to bring it out in this way and to share it with you. We’re going to learn a lot about Harvey. Who knows… maybe even a bit about ourselves. I did not foresee this coming, actually. I originally set out on a different path. This path simply revealed itself… and as its scribe, I scribbled it down. It’s interesting… writing characters. (I consider myself a character writer far more so than a gag writer.) You think you know certain things about these characters and then suddenly, in the writing, they reveal themselves and their pasts and their paths to you and it surprises you. And they make you think. They can even make you cry. As much as they can equally make you happy, and teach you things. For better or for worse, I just do what the characters tell me, and that is the basis for Intelligent Life. It is deeply personal to me… even the silly strips. And it satisfies my soul. And I think brings life to their… and my… perhaps our… world. Thank you genuinely, humbly and deeply, for being part of our world. ❤ – David 

12 thoughts on “Thoughts… about me and you… Harvey… and things.

  1. Back in college when I was writing superhero stories in a shared universe, my characters often took me in a different direction than where I thought I was going. So much (sometimes frustrating) fun!

  2. I am so glad I found these guys. When I did, it took me about 2 weeks to catch up from the beginning. There hasn’t been an arc that I didn’t enjoy. The character development has been great.

    I look forward to see where they will take you, us next…

  3. I am so glad I found these guys. When I did, it took me about two weeks to catch up from the beginning. There was not an arc I did not like. I see the characters growing (well maybe not Mike – hehe).

    I look forward to see where they will take you – us next.

  4. Barry needed to evolve and Harvey’s story was still unfinished. Anna Maria being a link between the two while giving Barry his growth as a person after getting rejected so soundly multiple times is a great way of closing Harvey’s story while also putting the spotlight on Barry the human being and not just Barry the loverboy. You don’t have to use Harvey again after this arc concludes as you have given him back his faith in humanity, his dignity, and now his family.

    You can only get so much mileage out of “Barry is a meathead” but you got a lot more mileage that kept some comedy while also giving us genuine tearjerker moments and new levels of respect and appreciation for Barry. The gags will return and Harvey and Anna Maria will get their quick shots in as Barry will be an easy target for it, but letting things evolve on their own wile keeping in tune with how you have evolved the strip is worth the dramatic turn.

    And the fact that this wasn’t planned? It goes to show how much heart and soul you had already put into the strip that you could do this and it is completely organic. The tough part will be when this arc ends and Barry has to return to Skip and Gwen and something inside has changed in him.

  5. I have really enjoyed Intelligent Life and this particular arc especially.

    You are a gifted writer and your characters have more depth than the usual comic strip characters. You’ve made this strip a daily stopping place on my web journey and I really appreciate it and you.

    Great work!

  6. Is there a comic prize I can nomite your strip?
    If yes, let me know. I am sure you would get a couple of thousand seconds.
    Thank you for an inspiring and uplifting story.

  7. Just by the way your were telling this story, I felt like you had a personal connection to it. You have a real gift for storytelling as well as artistry.

  8. Dave, thanks for the great detour from your normal arcs. Not that I don’t love them, too, else I’d not pop in here every day, but Harvey and Maria has been a great little story.
    Keep it up!

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