One thought on “Krazy Kat sketch in progress

  1. I think you might consider a Krazy Kat callout in canon in your strip. Not certain exactly how I’d script it, but the gist of the concept would be something between Gwen & Skip. Maybe just silly superdeformed caricatures for a gag, maybe a (day)dream, maybe a cosplay between them. I’m old enough I can remember watching Krazy Kat and Ignatz on a black & white TV as a child. Queue up that scene of a young Bruce Willis watching Clutch Cargo in Pulp Fiction. That’s me. Down to a Los Angeles childhood (1971 San Fernando earthquake survivor), Speed Racer, Astroboy, Felix the Cat, Olde Schoole Pink Panther, and Kimba the White Lion.

    Hmmmm. Role reversal? Skip lost in a daydream and Gwen gets his attention by breaking the wall of his dream bubble? Just thinking out loud, not sure of the setup or other details. But, an occasional shout out to some of the ancient classics seems might work out for Intelligent Life.

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