Wondering what’s going on with IL?

Hi, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood cartoonist man here!

You may be wondering why IL is running fewer days and what the heck is going be in… but fear not!!

I invite you to watch a video I posted a few weeks back explaining what’s shakin’: http://intelligentlifecomics.com/2018/12/23/live-video-intelligent-life-going-into-2019-and-more/

In short, I haven’t at all abandoned Intelligent Life in the slightest (perish the thought!) and there’s a reason for the change (IL has ended print syndication but is continuing as a webcomic, very familiar ground for me), and I’m fortunate enough to continue IL by the great and genuine support of my family at King Features… IL isn’t going anywhere, even if it’s running fewer days right now. I may write a more thorough explanation in the blog here as well, if you’d like…

Also – I just got the first IL books in – “Intelligent Life: Season 1” – boxes of them! Watch the blog! More ti come! And PLEASE leave any comments and questions here in this post, I read (and will respond to) every one of them!

Cheers! Your bonkers cartoonist,


6 thoughts on “Wondering what’s going on with IL?

  1. Looking forward to getting my own copy of the IL book.

    *Rubs hands together gleefully then rushes to get my mug of Vanilla Caramel flavored tea*

  2. Looking forward to anything new. You are sooo talented and keep me laughing; you also know how to get to our hearts, thanks!

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