Trying a little thing…

So I’m trying a thing… what do you think? I’d love your thoughts. Just having some fun. Hit play! 😊 – David

Posted by Intelligent Life on Saturday, January 12, 2019

So I’m trying a thing…what do you think? Just having some fun. 😊 – David

3 thoughts on “Trying a little thing…

  1. Show one panel at a time as the movement is distracting. Some cheap knock-off muzak or public domain music added in would make it much better.

    But it’s a big leap, it’s not hard to see IL as an animated series especially one aimed at teen/college geeks, nerds, and the like(in other words, people like Skip and Mike)

  2. Very cool. As long as i get my Intelligent life fix i am happy. Bummed when my paper replaced this with Bizaro. You have quickly become one of my favorite comic strips. Keep it up.

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