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Intelligent Life follows Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry at work and at play as they deal with relationships, work and everyday life (with a healthy dose of gaming, film, comic, TV, cosplay, conventions and sports obsessions!)


Skip has a healthy (ahem) obsession with his hobbies. He lives for video games, comic books and sci-fi/fantasy movies and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. He’s intelligent and friendly, and although he can be lovably dorky, no one would call him a loser.

Skip works as an account rep at Finch Marketing where he often clashes with Barry and crushes on Gwen. He’s resigned to keeping his feelings for Gwen a secret… oh, wait… too late.


GWEN Gwen is adventurous and strong-willed – you better believe she won’t be trampled on. But she’s also artsy and whimsical, and deep. She celebrates being a geek girl. She obsesses over her blog and social media, and has a sharp eye and a fine-tuned ear for pop culture.

Gwen works in the front office of Finch Marketing, where she was transferred from the California office. She took the transfer in an effort to switch up her life and find herself. She’s had lousy luck in relationships, and probably doesn’t realize that her new friend Skip might be just the one for her.



Mike is Skip’s best friend since childhood. He shares Skip’s enthusiasm for all things geeky, but Mike takes his fanatic fandom to an even higher level. Mike is the uber-fanatic, and can sometimes seem from another planet (actually, he might be).

Mike is highly intelligent and wonderfully imaginative. He has a great job as a software engineer, makes really good money, but still lives with his mom – in his mind, it’s completely illogical to pay rent or a mortgage, or even cook your own meals when your mom is delighted to continue doting on you.



Barry is Skip’s foil. He loves his sports, and he loves impressing the ladies. However, the way Barry obsesses over his sports and fantasy leagues shows an awfully ironic similarity to Skip’s own obsessive nature for the things he loves. Barry can ramble off sports standings and valuable draft picks the way Skip can ramble off the Marvel universe of superhero characters. Barry is the top-selling rep at Finch Marketing, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. He and Skip are polar opposites in so many ways, but it’s clear they share a mutual amusement with one another – actually more like an other-worldly curiosity for one another.


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