All next week – Skip, Mike and Gwen head to a CON!


Get ready! ALL next week, Skip, Mike and Gwen go to a COMIC CONVENTION! Expect lots of cosplay, lots of other characters you will recognize from some of my fave comic books, webcomics and print comic strips, and all sorts of visual shenanigans! (Watch those BACKGROUNDS, I went NUTS!) – David

Another IL reject!

Sometimes my comics are just too much for the newspapers! So I post them here for you to pick apart (or support)! LOL

too nerdy for newspapers

 From my newest batch of writing – an ULTRA-GEEKY strip that directly references one of the greatest deliciously nerd-things of all time – Douglas Adams’ “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!”

Deemed wayyyyy too nerdy for newspapers… but not for the INTERNET!