Meet GWEN!


Gwen is adventurous and strong-willed – you better believe she won’t be trampled on. But she’s also artsy and whimsical, and deep. She’s okay with the fact that she might have a little “geek” in her. She obsesses over her blog and social media, and has a sharp eye and a fine-tuned ear for pop culture.

Meet Skip!

Meet SKIP!

MEET SKIP! (Skip is basically me, for the most part)…

Skip is a self-proclaimed geek who has a healthy (ahem) obsession with his hobbies. He lives for video games, comic books and sci-fi/fantasy movies and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Through his eyes (and the eyes of his slightly-weirder best friend, Mike) we glimpse the world of the geek/pop culture enthusiast. He’s intelligent and friendly, and although he can be lovably dorky, no one would call him a loser.