Meet Skip!

Meet SKIP!

MEET SKIP! (Skip is basically me, for the most part)…

Skip is a self-proclaimed geek who has a healthy (ahem) obsession with his hobbies. He lives for video games, comic books and sci-fi/fantasy movies and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Through his eyes (and the eyes of his slightly-weirder best friend, Mike) we glimpse the world of the geek/pop culture enthusiast. He’s intelligent and friendly, and although he can be lovably dorky, no one would call him a loser.

ABOUT Intelligent Life

Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry... the Intelligent Life crew!

Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry… the Intelligent Life crew!

(from the official sales brochure for newspapers)

Our world is awash in pop culture, and increasingly what we call “geek” culture. Television and movies showcase superheroes and sci-fi/fantasy. Social media and mobile technology have given people new ways to share their fandom and obsessions. And we would argue that even those who love fantasy sports and the intricate details behind the games we follow show a level of engagement and behavior we might define as “geeky.”