Meet David Reddick

David ReddickCreative writing and art courses tell you to “create what you know.” This is why David Reddick created the comic strip INTELLIGENT LIFE, syndicated worldwide by King Features Syndicate. David doesn’t just write and draw his comic strip – he lives it. He’s deeply immersed in all things geek/pop culture and his enthusiasm for such things is clearly evident when you meet him.

David’s career in comics has spanned more than 20 years and has been varied and rewarding. For six years, David was the staff editorial cartoonist and newsroom artist for the The Herald Bulletin daily newspaper in Anderson, Indiana. For three years, David created the popular comic, THE TREK LIFE for CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures – the comic ran on the official STAR TREK website and various publications worldwide. David also created GENE’S JOURNAL and ROD & BARRY for, further solidifying his status with “Trekkers” everywhere.

David created the popular web comic, LEGEND OF BILL, which he brought to a height of two million page views per month. He has created comics for IDW Publishing, Tokyo Pop, ROK Media and CBS Mobile, among others. And his abstract paintings and original cartoons have been shown in galleries in North America and Europe.

David worked for 13 years at Paws, Inc., the Garfield cartoon studio, where he wrote and drew for the GARFIELD comic strip for 5 years and served as Digital & Social Media Director for 8 years, as well as creating various art and writing used for Garfield publishing, licensing and animation. David’s acumen for social media boosted the Garfield Facebook page to 17 million fans.

Today, in addition to creating Intelligent Life daily, David also works as an artist on the BLONDIE team, as assistant to head Blondie artist John Marshall and Blondie writer Dean Young.

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