8 thoughts on “August 5, 2015

  1. For friends, that’s a great rate. Much cheaper than anywhere else and with the added benefit of being able to read the comics before you give them over.

  2. I wonder which OSs he’s most familiar with. Also, is he versed in pre-Windows systems? (Remember that before about 1980 most software was pretty much custom-written for the hardware that it was to go into. It wasn’t until the first Windows DOS machines, Apple ][s and Commodores came out that the hardware was built to run a specific software.)

    • Both, definitely. But Mike’s more of a PC guy… he actually LIKES all the hoops (and he likes to customize hardware incessantly)!

      He’s versed in pre-Windows, yes… and he even likes to putter with old text-based games on old systems, for vintage sake! lol

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