4 thoughts on “December 11, 2014

  1. se past two strips serve as great evidence of why Skip and Gwen will and should never get closer. It isn’t because Gwen has him in “the friendzone” or that Skip is “shy.”

    Skip hates himself, and being around Gwen makes him hate himself more.

    Mike and Skip have the same interests, and they are friends. When Skip is with Mike, he feels free to indulge in those nerdy references. However, when Skip is with Gwen, he’ll make Mike’s nerdy references out to be a shameful thing – “good luck unseeing that!”

    Skip and Barry both talk about their interest in women, privately or publicly. Skip talks about it to Barry. Skip talks about it to Mike. When Skip is talking to Gwen, he often REALLY wants to talk to her about his interest in her. However, when Skip is with Gwen, he’ll make Barry’s interest in women out to be a shameful thing.

    Maybe he ridicules those aspects of other people to attempt to look superior to Gwen. Maybe he does so without realizing the irony that is his life. Either way, his time with Gwen is an unhealthy one and will continue to hurt his self-worth.

  2. Barry is my favorite character can you please make Barry the focus of this strip? thanks

    i hope he and gwen get together they’re a perfect match

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