2 thoughts on “December 26, 2018

    • Hi there, B! Thank you for being here and for your comment (I’m reading each one) – I’m going to write a post explaining the changes to IL so keep an eye on the blog. You can also watch a video I posted a blog posts back on this that I invite you to watch ( http://intelligentlifecomics.com/2018/12/23/live-video-intelligent-life-going-into-2019-and-more/ ), but in short, I haven’t abandoned Intelligent Life (perish the thought!) and there’s a reason for the change (IL has ended print syndication but is continuing as a webcomic, very familiar ground for me), but I’m fortunate enough to continue IL by the great and genuine support of King Features… IL isn’t going anywhere, even if it’s running fewer days. A more thorough explanation will appear in the blog right here soon! Also – I just got the first IL books in – “Intelligent Life: Season 1” – boxes of them! Watch the blog! Cheers! David

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