6 thoughts on “February 9, 2018

  1. … and thats how your best comics should be!

    My kids have unlimited access to my comic-collection under the only condition that they take good care of then so they’ll last… i would rather see them read to pieces that moulding on a shelf!

  2. I had a Bugs Bunny #1 and a magazine that was all about Bugs 50th Anniversary. Either one would probably fetch a pretty penny these days if they were in mint condition.

    They were “worn, tattered, and loved”, as Skip put it, but that just means I was able to enjoy them, and that enjoyment was better than any price that I could get from Ebay or Amazon.

    • Hear, hear! My first comic book was “Barney Bear”, which I still have, hanging over my drawing table, so I never forget WHY and WHAT I always wanted to do. Keeps the kid in me alive.

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