4 thoughts on “January 22, 2017

    • Becuase of money and it helps keep us divided. Democracy works only when we keep the fire to the feet of the politicians not the lobbyists.

    • Thomas Paine said that government is a “necessary evil”. The fact is that government is a source of power, and power corrupts. It’s the responsibility of the people to be aware of what our government is doing; after all, we’re the ones who elect everyone in it (Or at least, we’re supposed to be. Voter suppression and – to some degree – Russian hacking have kinda put a damper on that).

    • Yet other countries that vote only really have one or two months of campaigning and media coverage. It’s uniquely a US thing to start beating us over the head with it this early. Reduces the struggle when it comes to actual voting time, since we are already burned out by that point.

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