8 thoughts on “July 12, 2017

  1. IRL, that’s generally a good rule.

    For example, at a restaurant where I worked, one of the grill cooks started dating one of the waitresses. The grill area was only separated from the dining room floor enough for insurance purposes, and to provide a place for the beverage machines. It went fine, for a while. Then they had a nasty breakup, with allegations of infidelity and a lot of anger and hurt feelings.

    So imagine the joys of waiting tables in a family restaurant, where one of the cooks and one of the servers scream “F— you!” at each other, at the top of their lungs, so that they can be heard throughout the entire dining room.

    I’m fairly sure that Skip and Gwen are both a) calm enough to handle a bad breakup without tons of anger and screaming, and b) able to largely avoid each other at work, should a bad breakup happen. So in this case, I think the rule might prudently be broken.

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