12 thoughts on “June 9, 2014

  1. Hmm, off to a good start. There are always more serious things to consider with any area, but it’s nice to have a balance. And balloon animals are always fun.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this starting up! It looks like it’ll be focusing on nerd culture with a bit more diversity than a lot of the other media that try to do the same (Big Bang Theory…ugh…). And kudos for starting off with women’s issue, and with a woman in a Wonder Woman shirt to boot!

  3. Agreed. So can’t wait for this to get going. Big Bang theory so don’t get geek culture. Also is gewens blog going to be a real thing?

    • LOL. I’ll tell her you said that. (She may have a few words about the in-depth social ramifications of her opinions via her blog!)

      And yes, agreed… Gwen’s blog may very well have to be a real thing… hm…

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