6 thoughts on “November 8, 2017

  1. To serve is to give all, and expect only the promise of freedom. the rewards for some are plentiful, but for far too many of my brothers and sisters, and for me It was depression, destitution, and the indifference of society as a whole. We have these little ribbons on our windows, bumpers and our chests, we say “Thank for your service” to those that are still in uniform, but step over the bum in the street asleep wearing his purple heart, under that tattered coat. We ignore the signs of depression and take away the children of people who NEED family to get whole again, to get right again. Our Soldiers give and gave, and all we do is take and pat ourselves on the back.

    • Don’t forget about the 22 a day for whom society has failed, and end their lives. Some fought in Korea, some in Vietnam, some in Desert Storm, some in the War on Terror. But all have a common thread- society failed them.

      • I remember a scene from MIAMI VICE (the TV show, yes, I’m old) about two former Vietnam soldiers. One of them, Crockett, told about how he came upon a K-9 handler shooting dogs used for rooting out the enemy. When asked why, he said they were too dangerous to bring home.

        Crockett mused that he should have shot the handler…for the same reason.

        And then someone else should have shot Crockett…for the same reason.

        Fiction, yes, but it showed how many felt when they were trained to hunt and kill the enemy, and little else.

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