9 thoughts on “September 13, 2017

  1. Based on how whiny Luke was in the early days, I’d say yes, almost certainly. And given the height difference, I’d say Plods is right about the method.

  2. So, my “Search-Fu” brings me much dishonor. but far be it for a lack of authenticated sources to bar the propagation of an internet myth…

    But apparently, yes Yoda did B-Slap Luke, or rather Frank Oz B-Slapped Mark Hamil with Yoda’s staff.

    So the story goes while filming Return of the Jedi, Hamil had gotten a reputation for stepping on the lines of the other actors. He did this once during the death scene of Yoda. Frank Oz then began ad-libbing, telling Luke to come closer… closer.. And Hamil did so. At which point ‘Yoda’ bapped Hamil in the head with his staff and said “Don’t step on my lines!”

    I wish I could find a primary source to back that up, but it’s an amusing story nonetheless so I share.

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