Oliver Cromwell

Starting a cartoon portrait sketch of Oliver Cromwell, descendant (not by blood, but close) of KING HENRY VIII’s Thomas Cromwell, inspired by reading a little bit of the fascinating book “Cromwell’s Head,” by Jonathan Fitzgibbons. (Honestly… I doubt anyone nerds out over British History the way I do. But I love drawing it (and reading it). Past life regression anyone? – David

Mekatilili wa Menza

I’ve been reading about (and drawing my version of) an amazing African woman, the powerfully outspoken Mekatilili wa Menza who protected herself & her people by defying & fighting against forced labor, oppression, over-taxation & British patriarchal colonial rule in Kenya in the 1900s. I think she is enormously relevant today. She’s a true example of a woman’s strength & empowerment for all of us.