Thoughts… about me and you… Harvey… and things.

I hope you’re enjoying the current Harvey storyline that spawned out of the Maria/Barry storyline. This is a really meaningful storyline to me. There are many truths, some even difficult, from my own life and experience in this and it’s really satisfying to bring it out in this way and to share it with you. We’re going to learn a lot about Harvey. Who knows… maybe even a bit about ourselves. I did not foresee this coming, actually. I originally set out on a different path. This path simply revealed itself… and as its scribe, I scribbled it down. It’s interesting… writing characters. (I consider myself a character writer far more so than a gag writer.) You think you know certain things about these characters and then suddenly, in the writing, they reveal themselves and their pasts and their paths to you and it surprises you. And they make you think. They can even make you cry. As much as they can equally make you happy, and teach you things. For better or for worse, I just do what the characters tell me, and that is the basis for Intelligent Life. It is deeply personal to me… even the silly strips. And it satisfies my soul. And I think brings life to their… and my… perhaps our… world. Thank you genuinely, humbly and deeply, for being part of our world. ❤ – David 

A question!

Friends! I have a question that I’d love your thoughts & feelings on. As you know, Intelligent Life is more character-driven than anything… (It’s how I write) and I’m curious about something, as IL isn’t just full of humor, but also full of characters and heart (to me)… how do you feel when the characters get into real “life” situations, that can get a bit deep and serious, such as in a storyline? I like the way things happen organically and naturally… I just transcribe what the characters dictate in their own directions and events… but I’m curious (not so that I make decisions based on your opinions, rather, just to hear what *you* think about the serious side of things, because I value your thoughts (and we’re in this together)… make sense? Thank you for any comments you might leave (and for reading this (as usual) verbose post! – David