4 thoughts on “Sexy side of Star Trek

  1. W-would Gwen maybe possibly be interested in dressing up (or down) as an Orion Slave Girl for Halloween? Or New Years ..?

    Classic or latest incarnation, Skip would be broken for weeks. Every other male cast member would be broken nearly as bad. I think some of the female cast members would be broken. Especially if she premeditated it as a surprise. She does have most of a year to think about it …

    I would lay an even-money bet that at least half your fanbase would be broken.

      • Feel the power, Gwen. Be the Dark Side. Show no mercy, take no prisoners ….

        Whatever you’re comfortable with, Dave. When I saw this on the front page, I thought it was Gwen until I read your comment. One-off, wallpaper, maybe enough material for a mini-arc … or maybe just remains a daydream fantasy. I’m not comfortable telling an artist what to do. But, if I have an idea, I don’t mind making it known as a suggestion. Just in case there’s a good seed in there that can be used.

        Thanks for Intelligent Life. Been enjoying your art & humor since the really early days of LoB. Glad you’re still putting good stuff out.

        • haha, Gwen’s still thinking about it!

          And many thanks for the compliment, 3X, glad to see you here, don’t be a stranger! You’ve been along for the ride for a good while!

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