3 thoughts on “Halloween storyline!

  1. I have to know. This is a prelim sketch? I love it. It just needs a little tweek.
    Been following since GC and I love cosplay month

  2. I’m gonna try real hard to be super excited with you and for you … but, now you’ve really built it up. Still hoping Gwen tries out an Orion slave girl cosply. Eventually. She doesn’t even have to go all lurid green on it … just blend enough green into her natural skin tone to make it subtle and really exotic. If it doesn’t fit this storyline, maybe she & Skip might have a wild New Year’s Eve or something.

    While I’m on the topic. I wonder what Mike would look like doing a cosplay of a martian from Tim Burton’s 1996 film, Mars Attacks! Something tells me that his build & face would lend itself, even if he is a bit tall for it.

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