David’s Vermeer (after “Tim’s Vermeer”)

I love #Vermeer and I’ve been wanting to sketch my favorite of his paintings, “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” so I sketched my own quick/rough cartoon interpretation of her a few nights ago. Maybe I’ll ink it, but I like the raw quick energy here. Who is your favorite fine artist? (For the record, mine is actually… aw, heck. I can’t name only one. But the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists comprise my favorite art movement and all my painting heroes, (Pissarro being responsible for them all!) including also Matisse & Picasso & David Hockney & Chuck Close and…. SEE???) – David

3 thoughts on “David’s Vermeer (after “Tim’s Vermeer”)

  1. Your girl appears to have a lot more attitude. Vemeer’s seems a little lost, yours says, “You and what army, buster’!

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