Freddie Mercury WIP

I saw Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend, and it moved me so deeply, as Freddie Mercury is such an inspiration to me (and my favorite singer of all time with my favorite band of all time, Queen)… Freddie Mercury was a human being… with faults, with weaknesses, but also immense, irrepressible freedom of spirit and courage and fearlessness that was…IS truly amazing. I’ve started sketching this sketch of how I see Freddie… I don’t see him as the flamboyant persona of the 70’s in his well-designed suits of grandeur… I see him as a human being who was oft-lonely… maybe tired… vulnerable… seeking love and validation and deeply, artistically introspective… as he is in his last recorded video “These Are The Days Of Our Lives.” I’ll finish this drawing eventually… when the tears for this inspiration of a man, more than a persona, subside. <3 – David