12 thoughts on “April 12, 2018

  1. I’ve always been very fond of Masterharper Robinton from the Pern stories. He could drink anyone, even a giant of a man like Fanderall, under the table and could adroitly insult anyone without (very often) drawing offense.

  2. These seem like strange choices to me. Nothing in Smaug’s personality suggests Skip, and vice versa. Ectomorph Mike’s choice to be another ectomorph also seems strange, but I’m beginning to suspect I have a blind spot on this one.

    • Nah, I can understand what you’re seeing. That may be their point… stretching a bit outside themselves to be something greater, at least in Skip’s case (Smaug is definitely not Skip-like!) and Mushu for Mike… well… from Mike’s perspective, he’s just so cuuuuuute.

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