4 thoughts on “August 19, 2018

  1. There are so many cat stories that end with that punchline. You could do installments on this theme regularly.

    Example: one of my cats was quit the acrobatic, adept hunter. One day I’m skittering pennies across the kitchen floor for him to catch, spinning and rolling them to make it difficult. Cat charges across the linoleum floor, no traction even with his hunter’s claws, furious scrambling as his furry butt slides him sideways into the grate of the refrigerator. SMASH and CLATTER the grate comes off, flies in one direction, he scrambles for traction in the other, gets his feet under him, looks at the offending fridge, stands on three feet, licks the back of one paw as he flicks his tail while carefully not noticing me. “Yeah. Totally meant to do that.” Saunters all casual-like over to his water dish, just by chance keeping his backside pointed at me, tail up, tip twitching.

    Then, there was another time when he went taunting a fox. To this day I swear he was grinning like the Cheshire Cat, five feet ahead of an enraged fox and running so fast he looked like he was flying, legs blurred by speed into invisibility. I miss the old guy, but he made it to 20 and had many, many an adventure. Glad I was in on a couple of them.

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