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  1. so who agrees that this wouldve been creepy before the “officialness” of their relationship? (i could be mistaken, but i dont recall this kind of physical objectification portrayed visually). an intentionally placed pivot? now skip is “allowed” to think this. before it wouldve been a one-sided (read: nonconsensual) fantasy which in this sexless comicstrip universe would basically equate to rape.

    • This is a very good comment Stephen. Thank you. Actually, I wrestled just a bit with this strip, as I didn’t want it to seem as though Skip were ogling Gwen in a disrespectful way out of character, nor that she might wish to be so. However, I sat on it for a day or two, and I realized… isn’t that a bit of what we do when we love someone and are attracted to them, and it is MUTUAL between the two of us? And that’s what made it ok to me, and to them… that Gwen is just as mutually willing (and able) to do so and allow it, as Skip is. They are, after all, a cute couple with real feelings, based on mutual respect, friendship and yes, attraction. Maybe I just overthink things, but these things are important to me. 🙂 – David

    • “Basically equate to rape”

      Um, I think that’s skewing waaay too far, you actually don’t need to consent to someone’s fantasy, it’s not rape, no one is being forced down and made to comply.

      However waiting till he’s actually int he relationship lets us know Skip sees Gwen as more than just a nice body, but as a person.

      Before this? Yeah it woulda made him look like a creep, but “basically equate to rape” is underplaying the actual crime of rape and seems in general like a silly thing to say.

      • Thank you, Reaver. Excellent response. And Stephen, I couldn’t help but notice you changed your original comment significantly in its wording after I left my reply, which thusly greatly altered the tone of the exchange. For instance, there was no mention of equating anything to rape in the original comment you left, in which I responded honestly and positively.
        And I want to note: This isn’t “before.” This is “after.” (See my previous comment)
        Skip and Gwen’s affections are very mutual, be they fantasy or reality.

        • David Said “Skip and Gwen’s affections are very mutual, be they fantasy or reality.”

          Just the way we like them, David. Your characters have too much depth to be Moonlightinged.

          • No worries, my friend. No matter what, it’s always a pleasure to have your comments and your presence here, and you’re always welcome to disagree, buddy. All good. Happy holidays to you!

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