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    • Shirt 1: 禅 zen, silent meditation: pronounced literally “zen” (ゼン)

      Shirt 2: 戦士 sentsu – soldier, warrior.

      They weren’t drawn too well, but I guess well enough to find them on the dictionary website.

      • and I made a mistake too 🙂 It’s senshi (せんし)

        The reason I said not drawn too well is because the first character appears to be two different characters, and the second one seems to have been done slightly out of stroke order. But well done for accuracy, so hope I’m not being too harsh.

        • No, you weren’t being too harsh at all. My kanji here was (and often is) pretty sketchy. I lived in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years, but MANY years ago, and my Japanese could stand some polish, to be sure. I deeply appreciate your critique (and your taking the time to do so, sir! Really makes this extra fun and meaningful when such examination is done!

      • Ah, THANK YOU, Russell!! I’m delighted you took the time to look them up and to comment on them in such a way, I truly appreciate it! And I’ll answer your next comment with the rest…

      • Panel 1 – yes, kanji for “Zen.” Panel 3 is kanji for “Warrior/Soldier). THANK YOU for taking the time to look it up and try to figure it out! That adds an extra layer of real fun and interactivity for me! 🙂

    • Our pal @Russell Miller helped us out, and he is correct! Panel 1 is Japanese kanji for “Zen”, and panel 3 is “Warrior” (and/or soldier).

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