2 thoughts on “July 12, 2018

  1. This Storyline is LIFE! When you are in that hole, all you can see is the blue sky above you getting further and further away, but the sounds of life still spill over and fill your memories, your emotions with full volume. You drink to get numb, but you miss feeling, so you get sad, you drink to get numb from the sadness…. and so the cycle repeats. Good people are a blessing (if you believe in such things). You asked us if we liked the direction this story is taking, and I will say to you what I said last time. These people: Harvey, Gwen, Skip, Mike, at the rest all speak to you and your imagination gives us this gift, it is appreciated, and this arc is a valuable reminder to people like me who were on that edge of falling out of society. Hile worldslinger, craft your worlds and by your kindness, allow us to glimpse but brief images of those universes born in your mind.

  2. We are surronded by angels. I meen the humankind angels. Something funny happens when your are imost in need: one of them will just show up when least expected. In a subway, in the street, in a elevator, it just happens. And somehow you know you have been blessed. Dont ignore it. Take it and next time you find yourself on the other side of the situation, BE the angel.

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