3 thoughts on “July 25, 2014

  1. I actually met my wife on AOL in 1995 in a chat room called the New Jersey room. After two weeks of chatting, I convinced her to meet at a AOL New Jersey Room gathering at a Benagans 40 miles away from my home. I had been to several before and I assured her that there would be name tags so we can find each other. Well I get there and no name tags. I took a napkin and wrote my screen name on it (“MasterGeek”) and hung it out of my pocket. After several people pointed and laughed at me, I removed it. A few minutes later, I see a woman come in, walk around the bar, pass me and walk out and leave. That night I emailed her describing the woman I saw, sure enough, it was her! There is no better way for a geek to loose the awkward “first impressions” when they can carefully craft their first social interactions. Just don’t forget your name tags! 🙂

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