15 thoughts on “June 19, 2017

  1. It’s definitely not Skip. At this point that would just be to easy and there is no way we get that lucky. I’m betting on a previously unmet Ex.

    Or its Barry and Skip but they are there for completely different reasons and this is going to get awkward.

    Best case I can see happening is it is Barry but he is only there to play wingman to Skip in case Skip needs an escape or someone to feed him dating advice (I’m not saying he would be good at it, but Skip has limited options).

  2. Mike is cat sitting, I thought, so not him. Barry wouldn’t be able to keep up the geek talk as long as he did. I’m thinking maybe a horrible ex maybe?

    • Hmmm…. (and remember, the Sundays for me are little vignettes that can happen at differing times than the Mon-Sat strips) 😉

  3. Everyone’s so focused on Skip or Mike, but I’m personally betting on it being that intern, Jeff Mathers. We’ve seen Gwen imagine all kinds of worst-case scenarios, from an actual alien to a senior citizen, but so far we haven’t seen what she thinks of dating a significantly younger man.

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