15 thoughts on “November 16, 2014

  1. I love the tip of the hat to Norm Feuti’s Retail strip. Crossing the strips around is wonderful! Also, where does Gwen shop? i can’t find cool Tees like that just at the local stores…

  2. Well, today Gwen is shopping at Grumbel’s. If you read retail, you know it’s much like the the Sears of old, where you could get your dungarees and your beehives at that same time. (Seriously, my uncle bought his beehives from sears, back when it was the ultimate general store)

  3. I remember the old Sears well. I didn’t see farm items so much in the stores themselves, but I remember there was a mess of stuff you could buy from the catalogs and for just about anything you’d need. Sears was more like Amazon in its way.

  4. I believe this also establishes what a goodly portion of Gwen’s underwear wardrobe is (probably) composed of. 😉

    Oh, hai, David! Had you bookmarked for a while but kept forgetting to stop by and dive the archives. Making course corrections on that right now.

  5. A bit less than a year later, skip & mike are seen in a Retail strip commenting on how Marla mistakenly places the Batman & Iron Man t-shirts on the same display. Being a fellow geek, I also found the issue uneasing. The lady in panel 3, however, is not from Retail, unless she’s a variation of a recurring customer character like Crazy Hat Lady. Like i said. I’m a geek.

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