Oliver Cromwell

Starting a cartoon portrait sketch of Oliver Cromwell, descendant (not by blood, but close) of KING HENRY VIII’s Thomas Cromwell, inspired by reading a little bit of the fascinating book “Cromwell’s Head,” by Jonathan Fitzgibbons. (Honestly… I doubt anyone nerds out over British History the way I do. But I love drawing it (and reading it). Past life regression anyone? – David

Charles Dickens

WARNING: VERBOSELY WAXING POETIC: The black and white version (the strip runs in black and white in some newspapers) of my author soulmate, Charles Dickens, from a recent strip. I really liked how the black and white turned out. Feels kind of authentic. Channeling perhaps (in my dreams) that elusive and indefatigably visual spirit that hovers ever so unobtrusively around Dickens’ written word, and one of my artistic heroes… Hablot Knight Browne, known as “Phiz” to Dickens’ “Boz.”- David